1st home

June 22, 2011

This November I accepted my very first nursing job. This, in itself, was a very exciting occurrence, but it also meant the inevitable: time to move out of my parents basement (especially in light of the fact that I had brought my two rowdy cats and boyfriend, James*, back home with me). I’m sure my parents hated to see us go.

Fast forward a few months, stressful planning and decisions way above my maturity level… And James and I bought our first house (eep!). Here it is:

2 story 1930 bungalow, plus unfinished basement, 3 (tiny) bedrooms,1 (itty bitty) bathroom, and about 1 million projects.
The to-do list is seemingly endless, but we’re making a go of it. Welcome to our misadventures in home-improvement!

*No, I do not have a new boyfriend, but I am honoring his wish to be called by his middle name.

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