A touch of green

November 7, 2011


One of the most wonderful things about fall is all the new little bits of green. Although the reds, oranges and yellows tend to get more attention, fall also means a rebirth of green. Think about it: thirsty lawns perk up when the rain returns, ferns spread their fronds and little bits of forgotten moss come back to life.

This rebirth of moss, as well as the goodwill of a wonderful friend inspired my latest project: a moss garden. I have been wanting to make one of these for a while, and I guess I have been rambling on a bit about it at work (overtime will do that to a girl) because a couple of weeks ago I got a call at work from a gal who works night shift asking if I still wanted moss. That night she brought me a grocery sack full of carefully harvested and rolled up moss. I am so blessed to have such kind people in my life.

I found a wonderful basin at the thrift store, lined the bottom with pebbles and then filled it with potting soil. I created some hills and valleys for added interest. I then laid pieces of moss on the soil, using kitchen sheers to achieve desired shapes. For good measure I added this cute little frog (also a thrift store find, only $0.99). Now I’m using my moss garden as a beautiful and unique centerpiece.

With frequent misting, I should be able to keep a little green oasis inside all through the winter months.

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