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Plans for 2018

This is my first time doing a make nine grid. It never really appealed to me, but something about seeing everyone adding check marks and x’s to last years grid, really got me fired up! I love a list. So satisfying! (In fact, I’ve already started trying out options for adding check marks in anticipation of completing some of these projects.)

I’ve always maintained somewhat of a fabric stash, but since having a baby last year, my stash growth has far outpaced my actual sewing output. Planning, dreaming and shopping is much easier to do while holding an infant, than real live sewing is. (Also, have you all heard that having a baby changes your body? That shit is for real.) When I had to start buying additional storage containers and exploring apps to organize my stash, I knew something had to change.

This year, I want to focus on using up what I already have. I am not putting a complete moratorium on fabric shopping. I just want to slow down, appreciate what I already have and really evaluate what I actually need.

This means that my make nine is really focused on simple projects that I can accomplish in short sewing sessions interspersed throughout the week (gone are the days of 9 hour marathon sewing sessions!). I also tried to consider what fabrics and patterns I already have, although completing some of these items will require some shopping (damn!).

  1. Brindle And Twig bomber jacket for Ernie’s first birthday. I am planning on making this in red sweatshirt fleece with some black ponte knit for the cuffs and bands. I have both fabrics in my stash, but the pattern was a new purchase.
  2. Ginger Jeans. I’d really like to make at least two new pairs. I have some black Cone Mill denim and a light wash denim in my stash that are just begging to be skinny jeans. I already have made four pairs of Gingers, so the pattern is already in my stash, too.
  3. Vogue 1507. My mom gifted me some beautiful japanese floral lawn fabric for my birthday a few years ago. The print is beautiful, but I’ve really struggled with what it should be. I think that this will be the perfect match. I did not already own the pattern, but I went ahead and picked it up at the last Vogue $4.99 sale.
  4. McCalls 7688 in some hot pink sweatshirt fleece. The pattern and the fabric already live in my stash, so basically a free sweatshirt! I’m going to be doing a mashup of views A and D. If this turns out well, I might splurge on some Liberty fleece.
  5. The Lander Pant is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I can not wait to get these on my body. Unfortunately, in order to stick with my goal of using up what I already have, these will have to wait for my fall wardrobe…of course I am only human, so may just buy some springy/summery fabric. The fabric that I have earmarked for these is some pumpkin colored twill that I picked up from the Pendleton Woolen Mill a few years ago.
  6. The Hunter Tank. I am already voting this Least Likely to Succeed. But, having already committed to it on Instagram, I am powerless to remove it from my nine. I absolutely love it, but after searching through it’s hashtag on Instagram, I have come to the conclusion that it takes more boob to pull it off than I have on hand. Also, I don’t own this pattern, or fabric to make it. But, I think it is so cute! It would go great with landers, a high waisted skirt I have, gingers, or pretty much everything. I’m talking myself back into it.
  7. Another classic that I have everything I need already in my stash. This is the Lil Papoose moccasins. I’ve modified the pattern a little bit over the 5 or so versions I’ve made over the years. Ernie will be needing the next size up. I’ve got some nice thick cowhide for the sole and some lucious deer hide for the upper.
  8. A halloween costume for Ernie TBD.
  9. Some summery shorts out if some stash rayon, using a vintage Butterick pattern from my stash. I have actually had this pattern twice. The first time I took it from my mom’s stash, but then I lost it. So the second time I had to buy it on ebay.

I am so excited to get started on my plans and make some space to buy new fabric!

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