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Juice Box Bomber

This is the first item completed off of my #2018makenine, and it is my new favorite make, ever. I made this for Ernie’s first birthday, and I am really hoping to make him a handmade gift for every birthday. It makes my insides feel mushy.

Confession time: I know it’s terrible, but when I first found out I was having a boy, I mourned all of the ruffly, beautiful dresses I would never get to sew. But, you guys, I think that boy sewing might actually be incredible!

Something that I’ve been wanting to try for a while is stenciling with freezer paper and fabric paint, and this felt like the perfect project to try it out on. It seems like a great way to add a unique touch to very wearable boys clothes. I think it was a good choice to buy the world’s biggest roll of freezer paper because I’m never going to stop!

I knew I wanted to incorporate our nickname for Ernie, “Juice Box.” I sketched out a few variations of the design before settling on this. Once I had my design, it was just a matter of drawing it onto the paper, cutting it out, ironing it on, and then dobbing on the paint.   

For the jacket, I used Brindle and Twig’s Zip Jacket. I made a straight size 18-24, since I want Ern to be able to wear this for a while, even if it starts out a little big. I love Brindle and Twig patterns, and I have sewn up a few. I think that their tops tend to run a little longer than you find in ready to wear.

I used some really nice sweatshirt fleece from The Rain Shed. I bought it in person, but it looks similar to this one. I am so lucky to live fairly close to such an awesome specialty fabric store! I used some leftover ponte knit I had in my stash for the bands and cuffs. I have a lot of the red left, and I am really considering making myself a matching jacket. Maybe the Augusta Hoodie from Named, sans hood???

The whole thing sewed up really fast. I love the way the insides look super clean without any need for a lining. The construction of the hem bands with the facing concealing all of the raw edges was new to me, and I really liked learning a new technique. After a few wears, I think that the facings might need some additional treatment, since they like to peek out sometimes. I might hand stitch them in place… or I might leave well enough alone. Finished is beautiful!

I used my serger for most of the piecing. I love the way serged insides look. This could easily be sewn up on a regular old sewing machine, but I’ve got to justify the price of my beloved Babylock Imagine by using it on every project. Lol.

And… One more goofy pic of me trying to teach a toddler how to model, while I try to teach myself to take pictures, while I try to teach myself to blog.


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