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A subtle, basic sweatshirt

I am on a roll! This is my second finished garment from my #2018makenine.

Sweatshirts are one of my favorite garments to sew and wear. They are quick to make, blow nonsewists’ minds, and I wear them most days. My work has a very casual dress code, and is an icebox year round, so sweatshirts are essential to my wardrobe. Jeans and hoodies can get a little old, though, so this make is a good change of pace without actually having to stray outside of my comfort zone.

This is McCalls 7688. As soon as this pattern got released, I knew I needed those dropped shoulder ruffles in my life! And just in case the silhouette wasn’t loud enough on it’s own, I decided to whip it up in some HOT PINK fabric. I used sweatshirt fleece from my favorite source. I think it is this one. Both the fabric and pattern were already in my stash. Admittedly they were fairly recent purchases, but I think that they still qualify for my goal to use up what I have before adopting a bunch of new material and patterns.

There is not much to say about this make. It goes together really fast. I did it up all on my serger (with red thread, cause I didn’t have any pink and/or it’s a design feature). I did use my sewing machine to top stitch the neck band. I did the sleeve ruffle from view D in the A length.

I made up a size 10 without any modifications. I measure at a straight size 12 in the Big 4, but like pretty much every other sewist on the planet, I find that there is so much ease that I need to size down.I think I might shorten the neck band by a half inch, or so, if I was going to make this pattern again. It’s fine as drafted, but at least for the fabric I made it in, I think shortening it a hair would have helped it to lay a little flatter.

I will also say that the sleeves are nice and long. For me, this is a feature, but they might be too long if you are a little more petite in stature (I’m just shy of 5’ 6”, for reference).

I feel disproportionately fancy wearing this sweatshirt. Someone told me I look like cinderella. I’m not sure that was meant to be compliment, or the kind of thing you say because the involuntary look on your face requires some comment vaguely resembling a compliment. Either way, I’ll be swanning around in this beaut, feeling like pre-midnight Cinderella.


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