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Vogue 1507

This is my third #makenine2018 make of the year, and it’s made up in stash fabric. I love accomplishing goals! (Let’s not talk about the fabric I bought last week.)

I have had this beautiful Japanese cotton lawn in my stash for a few years, now. My mom got it for me for my birthday. I know she got it while on vacation, but I can’t remember where she was. Chicago? Boston? Mom???

I am absolutely in love with this fabric, but I had been really stumped over what to make with it. I wanted to make it into a sundress, but I didn’t want to look too young, and was afraid the pink floral might make me look like a big, creepy toddler in too twee of a silhouette. After seeing Sally Oh’s floral V1507 with her white Gingers, I knew I had my answer. Also I already had a pair of natural denim Gingers, so I knew I’d have at least one thing to wear the finished top with.

I took the advice of several sewists, and just good Big 4 sense, and sized down. I measure at an almost perfect 12 in Big 4 patterns, but went with a size 10. My shoulders are on the broader side. If that does not describe you, I would advise going down two sizes. The neck line is wide!

I tend to gravitate towards pretty simple projects and knit fabrics. While this is not a difficult project, the millions of yards of narrow hems mean that this is not an instant gratification sew. Also the weirdly shaped pattern pieces as construction order means that you basically cannot try on the top until the shirt is practically complete, which made it a bit of a nail-biter for me.

Here are some detail shots. This post is a bit of a photo dump. No a-blog-agies here. I was just feeling myself and this gorgeous fabric!

I love the facing on the top tier. The details are what make designer Vogue patterns so worth the effort!

I was pretty faithful to the construction methods described in the pattern. Finishing the yoke seam with bias tape was a new technique for me, and I really enjoy how high-end it looks. I really tried to apply that same finish to the armhole seam, but I could not get it to look good. It was really bulky, and even after calling McCall’s (awesome) customer service line, I was not sure which way to press the seam. Seriously, though, McCall’s customer service is amazing! The line rang, like, twice, and then a very efficient and knowledgeable human answered.

Cutting it out was also a beast. Because my fabric was only 45” wide, I had to cut everything on a single layer. I got really nervous that I was going to forget to flip a pattern piece and not have enough fabric to finish. Also, the sizes on the yoke pattern piece are mismarked. This really paralyzed me for a bit.

I’m sure I won’t get a ton of wear out of this top as it is kind of a statement piece, can’t layer very easily, and is a decidedly bra-free zone; but I love it! I kinda like that it shows off my tummy, a bit. By belly is a bit squishier and stripier since having a baby, and I’m trying really hard to embrace the changes.

I’m trying to think of what to pair this top with in summer. I tend to think that a wide top needs a narrow bottom, but maybe some linen culottes??? I’m pretty sure I am not that bold.

As mentioned above, the jeans are Ginger jeans sewn up in natural Cone Mill Denim from Threadbare Fabrics. They are my usual size (6 I think) taken in quite a bit on the sides. I used the pocket stay, tummy panel thing. I made this when I was about 6 months post partum and had lost quite a bit of weight from breastfeeding. Now that I’m closer to my normal, pre-baby weight, I regret being so gungho in taking in the sides, but denim relaxes, so whatev.

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